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Sorensiim 01-17-2012 05:00 AM

Tweaking the D3
I'm considering the Cowon D3 after owning a J3 and an X7 and being a big fan of Android, but I've seen mixed reports of the D3's performance, some calling it downright sluggish. Judging by the video DFKT put online I wouldn't call it sluggish but there sure is room for improvement. Has anybody tried tweaking the player? I saw DFKT was using lots of widgets and thus wasting valuable RAM and CPU power... If I get one I would start with rooting it, getting Android Market on it and then install LauncherPro or one of the many other 3rd party launchers available. Most of them take up way less ressources than the stock launcher, so there should be some performance gained just by doing that.

Taking it one step further, you could install Titanium backup and start removing the system apps you don't need. I won't be using mine for mail, calendar, web surfing etc. so those apps could be tossed out right away. The same goes for all the clock widgets, games, "internet phone" etc. Am I the first to consider doing these things or has somebody tried it already? I just want a barebones platform for Poweramp and streaming music :)

roebeet 01-26-2012 12:49 PM

It has 256MB of RAM and an older Telechips CPU - trust me when I say that the device is sluggish and it will likely be this way long-term. It's a hardware limitation and firmware updates can only go so far with that. Deleting apps and using an alternative launcher isn't going to help a lot when you only have 256MB of RAM to start with. When I say "sluggish", I mean anything outside of the simplest apps like Rockbox or the music app. Angry Birds, just an an example, is very sluggish. I also find myself going into Task Manager often to kill apps - you only have about 75MB free to begin with, when the device starts up.

Remember, the hardware is over a year old now, and in the world of Android and year is a VERY long time. And Cowon throttled itself from the get-go by using a 82xx Telechips CPU.

To be honest, if I was shopping around for a Cowon device with Android, I would probably hold off for the Z2 or if I bought the D3 I'd see if I could get one used just to get a price break. I've had my D3 for almost a year and I'm debating selling it to help pay for a Z2, eventually - I bet I'm not the only one considering this.

Sorensiim 01-26-2012 12:52 PM

I was outbid for a D3 on ebay and ordered a Clip+ - Then Cowon launched the Z2. I'll get a Z2 some day and I sure as hell will tweak it all I can :-)

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