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Adam K7 01-23-2012 07:41 AM

Loading Leaf, Sense and Lynx onto X7
Hi, I've only had my X7 for a couple of weeks and am still learning the ropes. I heard that Leaf, Sense and Lynx were must-haves, so I decided to give it a go (I found that Rockbox improved my iRiver immensely, so I'm open to these things) but am a bit baffled by the lack of any guidance on this. The instructions seem to be "Download Leaf, Sense and Lynx" and...well, that's it. Not even "Download Leaf, Sense and Lynx to...." After some scrabbling around the iaudiophile board, I found where I was supposed to copy Sense to, and that seems to have worked, so I'd like to try Leaf and Lynx but...do I copy the files to the same place? Is that it?

I am a bit of a techno-idiot, which you might have noticed. Thank you in advance for you help and patience.

Adam K7

quinnjin 06-22-2013 06:10 AM

+1 on best x7 firmware mods and installation?
+1 on the above...

I just got a Cowon X7, Have yet to load my library too it, I was almost disappointed with how huge and old school it looks, and no wi fi etc... But having red up on the forums i think the better sound quality an storage capacity make it a winner.... I would really like to be able to increase the bit rate for line in recording, and use a couple of micro condensors to get awesome recordings...on the run, but not sure if this will be possible... Do any of the mods allow this?


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