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Chang-Ho 01-26-2012 11:26 PM

Darik's Boot & Nuke Wiped Out My U5!
So far, I can see the device on my computer when I plug it into the USB port. But when I hit "explore", it says 0 memory available.

When I pull it out of the USB port, it says "Update Failed".

Then when I try to power on, it says, "INSUFFICIENT MEMORY! Cannot perform the library update."

However, there has been one instance when I actually did power the thing on. When I tried to go to each folder in the player, it said, "No File".

The whole problem stems from the day I decided to wipe the Linux off my laptop and go back to Windows. I decided to do a Boot & Nuke and restore factory settings, but I forgot my player was still plugged in! So it basically wiped it clean too.

I have downloaded the YP-U5.rom file but can't drop it into the device because it says 0 memory available.

I have tried to use the Samsung_Format_Utility_v2.5, but the GUI does not detect any device.

Hope someone knows what I can do...

Thanks in advance!

lebellium 01-27-2012 05:21 AM

Did you try in the Explorer right click on the device > format

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