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bruceg 02-06-2012 08:12 PM

Linux users - sample is_audio_player?
I ordered a refurb'ed Fuze+ and am prepping for it. Right now I use Ubuntu 11.10 and my Motorola Karma QA1 phone as an mp3 player. To make Banshee recognize the Karma as an mp3 player and to synch correctly, I needed to add an .is_audio_player file to my m3 player.

Anyone have a sample for the Fuze+? What I use on my Karma:
name="Karma QA1"
cover_art_file_name=cover.jpg,folder.jpg,folder.pn g

The cover_art sections are moot - I embedded cover art into each mp3. My Karma doesn't do m3u or pls playlists, so that section is also untested.

Second question: reading the forums, I saw references to the Fuze+ not supporting subdirectories for Playlists. If all I'm interested in is sorting by Artist, Album and Genre - I can keep my current file format, right? It's home/me/music/artist/album/*.mp3

I already edited the tags to get Artist, Album and Genre working - so hoping it works the same on the Fuze+.

bruceg 02-09-2012 03:39 PM

Sansa Fuze+ on Linux
Getting the player working was a complete non-event thanks to all the good documentation on this forum. Got it in the mail today. Refurbished unit, 44 bucks or so. Charged it. Installed updated flash. No issues whatsoever.

Modified my .is_audio_player file I used for my phone MP3 player.

I'm sure I need to mess with it, but Banshee saw it and synched just fine.

Setting date and time was a non-issue. The touchpad works just fine for me. I didn't mess wiht Playlists or Videos - so those sections of the .is_audio_player have not been tested.

MP3 files automagically synched. 1,100 files or so with no issues whatsoever. I already edited my tags, so Artist, Album and Genre work just fine in the Fuze+. Popped in some decent headphones and played songs. Cover art showed up just fine (already embedded in MP3 tags).

What I'm not sure about is the memory card. I picked up a 32 Gig Sandisk MicroSDHC card. Powered off the player, popped the card in. Powered up again. My laptop now sees two devices. One is SANSA FUZEP (with 8 Gigs), and the other is 32 GB FILESYSTEM.

I know I can manage them via drag 'n drop. I'm thinking of setting up an .is_audio_player on both cards and maybe synching Video to one card and Music to the other. (I noticed Burns and Allen series and Jack Benny show on the Internet Archives. It might be coolish to load some videos from the Archives - and perfectly legal as the copyrights have expired)

Anyway, I was concerned about the touchpad, but that was a complete non-issue. I was concerned about the user interface, but it took exactly zero seconds to figure out Music and playing by Album, Artist or Genre. I was concerned about album art, but that is working just fine. I was concerned about Ubuntu 11.10 recognizing it - but that was a complete non-issue.

I had hoped I'd see one music player with a 40 Gig hard drive. Unfortuntely, that isn't happening - so as far as Ubuntu is concerned, I have an 8 gig player and a 32 gig storage card (that can be turned into a player).

skip252 02-09-2012 03:45 PM

Thread moved to join the first one concerning this. Please don't open a new thread to continue on the same issue.

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