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wijiji 02-08-2012 03:32 AM

iAudio 9 vs iAudio 10 -What shoud I buy?
Hello! I'm new here and I'm for changing my iPod Nano 5G 16 GB. I am am between iAudio 10 an J3, what most interests me is the sound quality... is the same?
Another important thing is the user interface, which is easier to move between menus, change song while walking, etc?

One more thing, should I consider to buy the J3? Does it have buttons to prev/next song without turn on the screen or take it out from my pocket? Because this is very important to me. (I mean this buttons http://i.imgur.com/rBiQe.png)

With 16 GB I'm satisfied, If I buy the J3 should I get the 4GB version + 16GB MicroSD or directly the 16GB version?

Thanks a lot! And sorry for my poor english. :)

EDIT: Sorry for double posting, please delete this topic, the original is in Cowon J3 section, thanks.

WalkGood 02-08-2012 04:38 AM

Thread closed, there's no reason to create 2 threads the same. People will get to your questions eventually, give it time.

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