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winner7 02-09-2012 06:16 AM

Creative Zen 2 GB Portable Media Player won't turn on
Hello! I have a Creative Zen 2 GB Portable Media Player and it worked fine for something like 2 years. After that, I tried to copy some mp3 from my laptop to my Zen through usb. after some time, it was frozen, without copying. So,I disconected it from the usb, nothing, the image was still on the screen with "copying". I tried to see if the buttons still works, nothing. I reset the device by pressing the reset buton, and it turned off. After that I tried to turn it back on, but nothing happened. I have charged it for 20 hours, still nothing. When I connect it to the laptop, my laptop is telling that a new usb device is connected, but I can't see it in My computer or elsewhere. Not even the blue light is one. Do you have any ideas how can I turn it on? regards

Wildhog 02-17-2012 10:01 AM

Have you tried starting it in recovery mode? Press and hold the play button while powering up. Then select Clean Up or Reboot. If you select Format All or Reload Firmware it will erase all of your songs.

After doing a Reboot it will set everything to default so you may need to change some settings if you customized them.

Titus 08-01-2012 10:59 AM

I think I recognize the problem, since I have the same currently.
So the problem is, you can't turn it on(no blue light, no nothing). AC wall charging doesn't work(no charge sign, no light), a computer would give a hardware detected sound and then nothing. No charging, no lights on the zen.

Leaving it in any charger for a day doesn't help. Reset button does nothing.
Basically it appears to be 99,9% dead.

Any advice?

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