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Wildhog 02-17-2012 08:08 AM

ZEN video help
I have a Creative ZEN 8gb and use the Creative Video Converter that came with the ZEN to convert videos for my ZEN from my Tivo. Recently I tried using Handbrake to try and convert some of my dvds so I can watch on my ZEN.

Videos that I have converted either from Tivo or that someone else used Handbrake to create mp4 files works great.

The problem is that when I use Handbrake (Windows 7) I'm not able to convert the mp4 files for my ZEN. The Creative Video Converter either crashes or starts converting and then just stops and sits there, not completing the conversion.

Does anyone know how to use Handbrake to make mp4 files that will convert for ZEN? Do I need to change some settings?



Dave_C 02-22-2012 02:39 PM

I've never found a way to make handbrake work, what I have used for DVDs is:
First you need to download virus check and install Auto Gordian Knot (works in xp and Win 7 64 bit)

How to transfer DVDs to Zen using AutoGK (otherwise lipsync is all shot)
1) Copy to hard drive using DVD shrink or if the DVD is a copy just copy.
This will not work if you include menus, just the main movie.
2) Remember to include a minute or so of titles at the end as AVI transfer to Zen always loses 10-15 seconds
3) In autoGK:
a) Input file = VTS_01_0.IFO for whole movie
b) Output file= serenity.avi (suggested by program)
c) Audio track=first (top) one = stream 0
d) subtitle normally none
e) Custom size 500Mb works fine on PC and zen
250Mb bit iffy
Quality setting. 75% looks OK gives file size of under 400K - OK for Zen
4) Autogk advanced settings
a) Fixed width= 320
b) CBR MP3 128k
c) Xvid
d) OK
5) Hit preview and wait for 3-4 mins -it takes ages- and check all is OK
6) Add Job - optional when finished shut down if overnight
7) Start
8) Wait 1-2 hours
9) Transfer the AVI to Zen or SD card

Can't remember where you choose forced subtitles, eg when the bad guys are speaking in Arabic/ Russian/ Klingon etc. I think DVD shrink.

Hope this helps:)

I'm not on here often so don't expect a quick reply if you have follow-up questions :(

Of course you must always make backups of DVDs that you have already purchased.


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