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Baltowolf 02-18-2012 09:31 AM

Scratch Repair Products question
Hey, I got my Sansa Fuze raplaced by Sandisk after it got two big dust particles underneath the screen, I've been putting in the plastic slip it comes shipped in when I'm not using it, since I'm still waiting on my case and screen protectors to come, and it seems there's a few very light scratches around the middle of the screen. My question is, after some Googling I see a number of home remedies and the like, and found a number of products that seem to work really well on iPods, so, I was wondering if something for use on iPods could also be used on the Fuze. I know the Fuze is glossy and as far as I know most iPods aren't. Also, is the whole brasso thing really good? I could try that, it doesn't damage it does it? I've seen on this forum and some others that people use it, so I just want to make sure, and I want to know if it works well on glossy screens. Also, the scratches are barely noticeable, so is there a chance that they'll be less noticeable with a screen protector and case on? I'm getting the crystal one that snaps on. Thanks in advance.

Tapeworm 04-23-2012 07:00 PM

Brasso is pretty abrasive. After all, it's designed to polish brass. You're talking about a piano-finished plastic casing on the Fuze. I would think it would add more scratches than it removes.

Depending on the severity of the scratches, you could maybe try some regular ol' toothpaste (not gel). It has a light to mild abrasive in it but not matter what you try, you have to realize there is no such thing as a scratch remover. All anything can do is add more finer scratches so the bigger ones don't show up as much.

Since it's been a while siince you posted this with no response, you may already have your protective plastic case and screen protector on it by now. My guess is unless the scratches you're talking about are large and deep, you probably won't be able to see them that well. I would wait and see before possibly scratching it further.

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