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eminem_rocks 02-19-2012 09:52 AM

problem with COWON iAudio e2, plz help...!!!
Hi guys...this is my first thread in here...
I am a regular follower of this forum as it has helped me a lot in the past...
:) :) :) :)
I recently bought Cowon iAudio e2 from Flipkart.
And I am using Soundmagic PL30 earphones.
The sound quality is awesome and I am very happy with the product.
But when I change equilizer settings to anything but normal, and when I put volume to maximum, sound quality degrades drastically...
I have tested my earphones on laptop at maximum volume and they are just fine...this problem is there even after upgrading the player to latest firmware...
please help...
thanks in advance...
:) :)
P.S. : please guys, I need help as this is the only mp3 player I'll have for next few years as I can't afford to buy a new one. :)

skip252 02-19-2012 10:06 AM

Please don't multi post. You can bump your original "first thread" instead.;)


There's not many people here that have said they have the E2 so I don't know how much help you'll get or when. Be patient.

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