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DJBadLucky 03-22-2012 07:32 AM

Playlist Problems (when in other folder from mp3 files)
Playlists referencing music files in a different folder
from the music files, appear as <<empty>>

I am using a Sansa Fuze+ with latest firmware (1.32.00)
Despite carefully studying all previous relevant postings,
I am still experiencing the following problem with playlists.

Specifically, I connect the Fuze in MSC mode,
I drag files into Winamp, and then save the playlist
from Winamp to the Fuze in m3u format.

All works perfectly, but ONLY if the playlist is in the
same folder as the music files referenced.
If the playlist is in any other folder, (eg, up a level)
the Fuze shows it as <<empty>>

Example One - Working:

I put test.mp3 in a folder as follows:
I save the playlist in that folder, thus:
The contents of the playlist are as follows:
It works fine.

Example Two - Not Working:

Again, I put test.mp3 in a folder as follows:
But I save the playlist one level up, thus:
The contents of this playlist are as follows:
When I open this playlist, Fuze shows it as <<empty>>

Please help with your expertise, as I feel I have exhausted
every conceivable solution to this problem, yet it persists!
Thank you.

skip252 03-22-2012 11:04 AM

Playlists with sandisk players are what they are. How to make working .m3u playlists may vary between models. The directions for what works on a Clip or original Fuze may not apply to a Fuze+. If you've found a working save location on the Fuze+ I'd go with that. The other suggestion would be to try the root of the player. That usually worked on other sandisk players.

I'd like to research it myself but the only Fuze+ I can access isn't mine and the owner loads and manages it in MTP. The only thread I see here that where someone has done an investigation for the Fuze+ is here. If I'm reading that right they seem to have reached the same conclusion as you.

DJBadLucky 03-25-2012 04:58 PM

Thanks for your help, especially having not seen the very relevant post you referred me to.

When I posted my question here, I sent a similar question to Sansa Support, who have since given me this answer:


I have done the testing trying to replicate the case described, and indeed it did not play those playlists where the files were located in different folders. Therefore I can confirm that currently it is not possible to play the M3U playlists where the files are located in subdirectories.

Thanks again for your help.

I shall make any further comment in the other thread.

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