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BigbirdPhila 04-01-2012 09:23 AM

Delay Changing Tracks on MicroSD
I have an 4GB V2 Fuze. Firmware V02.03.33A. Just installed a 32GB Sandisk microSD. My library is all MP3's, with just title, artist, and genre in the V1 & V2 ID tags; no album art. I had the 4G part loaded with my favorite songs (3.44 GB used of 3.66 capacity, 1249 songs). I loaded the microSD card last night with all my songs (9.46 GB used of 29.7 capacity, 3451 songs). The Fuze is in MSC mode. FAT32 file system on both the internal memory and the microSD.

The problem is that changing tracks on the microSD is taking 10 seconds. Changing on the internal memory is about a second.

Note that some of the songs are in both internal and microSD memory. Don't know if that's part of the problem.

I'm going to start some experiments with less songs on the microSD and possibly cleaning out the internal memory, but I thought I'd ask you guys to start working on it with me in parallel.

Thanks for your suggestions.

BigbirdPhila 04-02-2012 09:03 PM

An update:

I tested the speed of the 32GB card. 3.4MB/sec write & 15.8MB/sec read. Doesn't seem to be the card. Just to be sure, I borrowed a 16GB card. It tests out at 4.2MB/sec write & 16.2 MB/sec read. It exhibits the same symptoms as the 32G card. I also downloaded and re-installed the Sansa firmware. No change. I re-formatted the internal memory & left it empty. No change. I re-formatted with SDFormat. No change. I cleaned up all the tags with MP3Tag. The only tags I have are author, title, and genre in ID3V2.3 ISO format. Again, no change!!

I installed a 4GB database. Track changes via Music->Folder on the uSD card take 5 seconds. It's looks like it's approximately linear with the size of the database. I shudder to think that an 18GB database will produce 20-second changes!

Can someone please time how long Music->Folder track changes take using Sansa firmware (not Rockbox) on their Fuze? That is, the length of time it takes the song number to change when they press the "right" button. The Sansa display is "xxx/yyy" where "xxx" is the current song number and "yyy" is the total number of songs in the current list. Times for both internal and external memories would be helpful. I'd like to compare them to what I'm seeing. I'm starting to think my Fuze is hosed.

Thanks for any help.

skip252 04-02-2012 10:23 PM

The tracks on mine change too fast to measure with any accuracy. Some change as soon as I tap the scroll wheel. Others in a half second? or less. The speed doesn't seem to change if it's the internal or external memory.

It's a 4 GB V2 Fuze with a 16 GB card. Both have less than 20 MB of space remaining. I'm using a mix of -V2 and -V4 mp3s on both memories. The firmware is 02.03.33. The firmware is patched for Rockbox but I've never seen a performance difference in the OF because a firmware was patched for Rockbox.

BigbirdPhila 04-03-2012 12:19 AM

Thank you, Skip252. I can definitely time how long it takes my tracks to change with my digital watch. 2 seconds with internal memory, 5 seconds external (4 GB data), 10 seconds external (9 GB data). Something is definitely wrong.

My library is totally flat (no subdirectories). That works best for me. Tonight I took my 4GB library and created 25 artificial subdirectories and populated each with 50 songs just to try giving it some "structure". The database refresh took 13 minutes and track-to-track time is still 5 seconds (no noticeable difference from the "flat" structure). I don't know if creating 200 subdirectories would be worth the effort.

I'm open to suggestions. I'm about to jump out a window.

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