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jbob182 04-01-2012 08:27 PM

[TOOL] Document to RSS v0.9
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I have made a simple program that will allow your to take your documents and export them to your Zen-XFi2. The documents appear under RSS. However, the program does require the .NET framework if your computer does not already have it. The framework is available at : http://www.microsoft.com/download/en....aspx?id=17851

Below is a screenshot of the current gui


The program is in the attachments below

Supported Formats

  • If you place the program in your zen ( the same place with the music, images, and playlist folder) it will not require you to select your Zen on start-up
  • When you click 'Convert' it will automatically save your document to your Zen
  • If you 'Convert' a document that has already been imported to your Zen, the program will update it.
  • If you close out of the dialog where you select your Zen, or select an incorrect driver, the program will exit

  • Add image support

Special Thanks:

gorilla 04-23-2012 01:43 AM


No, No! All honors to you! You did all the work! :D

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