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Redd 04-05-2012 06:21 PM

Alarm question
guys hey. i never realised there was an alternative to the ipod classic until i saw the X7 today. ive been reading about it and downloaded the manual, but im still vague on how the alarm works.

currently i have gen7 ipod classic. i can create a playlist with all 8000 songs on my ipod in it, and then set this playlist as my alarm.
if i then set the ipod on random, i wake up to different music every morning, which is huge in my head, for my quality of life, lol.

i wake up in a good mood every day.

the only way this functionality could be improved, is if i could set a seperate volume level for the wake up alarm, as i listen to audiobooks at quite low volume going to sleep.

but the ipod doesnt do that, so no audiobooks. boo.

does the X7 do any or all of these things, or am i limited to 1 album for my alarm? i notice it has a sleep function... i guess the ipod has an auto power off too, so much the same. i have no brand loyalty as such, i dont use itunes, i use floola to load the ipod, so apple dont get a cent from me. im all about my alarm though.

any insight much appreciated,

redd .

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