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drmark7 05-15-2012 01:39 AM

New To FUZE- Multi-Issues- Lost Folders, FULL Memory after delete, Win98 help
Greetings Group,

I have been putting along on Win98, which so far, has done everything I need. Trying to connect my FUZE, which is reported to work (when you find correct drivers) on Win98 has been a challenge.

For my WIN98- I have drivers to make thumb drives, a cellphone (I use it to download pictures) and even a MYBOOK external hard drive works just fine on Win98. So I figured the FUZE would hop right on.

I searched for and found several DRIVERS that CLAIM to make a Fuze work in Win98. None worked for me.

Thru a USB extension cable, the FUZE does nothing on WIn98. Connected directly to the back of the PC… I get it to open 2 DRIVES(!): G and H on my PC. One has a FUZE tree (with audio, video, audiobooks, etc.) that shows NO FILES. The other shows nothing. Once it does that, the machine more or less freezes. Goes slow and you can't move files onto the FUZE. Then I have to reboot or my other thumb drives won't work. Fortunately, they still pop right up after a boot.

Thru WINXP, I managed to get MP3 files on the FUZE and listen to them. But there are problems. After transferring many folders, some seem to "combine." Or not show on the PC tree, but they show on access via the FUZE menu. (NOTE: My FUZE is set to MTC.)

Is it best to transfer files or folders in multiple sessions, with a removal of the cord to "update files" each time?

Another problem, when accessing a folder (just certain ones) to play via the FUZE menu, after hitting PLAY, the menu rapidly shuffles thru all the titles- wo playing any.

So, I decided to try and get things straight, I would delete all the files and start over.

But now that I have deleted all the files, removed the cord and put it back on, it won't allow me to put the files back! The memory is still at the FULL/USED level as before the deletion. This after several reboots and "updating files."

So where do I go from here? Do I reformat and then recopy the files?

(Will formatting delete the FUZE operating files? If so- How do I reinstall them- Online with the updater?)

Would I do better or worse, if it were set to MSC (I've had it on MTC.)? (I'd prefer my FUZE to act as an external HD.)

Is it possible (or helpful towards better play) to DEFRAG??? I have not been able to from my laptop in any way.

Thanx In Advance for any help!

Dr. Mark

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dgb52 05-15-2012 05:25 AM

MSC mode makes it show up in your computer as a flash drive that is what you should have it set as

Do not set it to auto detect

if you format the fuze from the fuze menu it will just delete music files

JK98 05-15-2012 10:24 AM

don't use a usb extension cable or hub. USB won't work properly if the cable is too long. Connect the Fuze cable to a rear usb port on the pc. If you are using a notebook, connect the notebook to ac power before connecting the Fuze. Before you connect the Fuze, set the USB mode on it to MSC. settings>system settings>USB mode.

The Fuze can be used without ever connecting it to a pc by using a USB ac charger(get one with a usb port so you can connect the Fuze cable) to charge it, and loading a micro SDHC card with songs using a usb card reader and placing that in the player. A class 4 card is probably the best to buy. A 16GB class 4 microSDHC card is only around $10.

skip252 05-15-2012 10:30 AM

I've never dealt with a sandisk device in Win98 so I won't try to guess what happened there. Your Fuze needs the drivers provided by Windows Media Player 10 or better to function as a MTP device. I'm not sure if the MTP porting kit will install on a OS that old but the porting kit does supply the needed drivers on validated copies of WinXP.

Autodefect should have detected the MTP drivers weren't present and connected the Fuze as a mass storage drive. That would have been the drive letters you saw in MSC mode. Seems something didn't work as expected. The default mode earned the misspelling AutodeFect with good reason.:rolleyes:

Files loaded in one USB mode can't be seen or worked with in the other so attempting to delete them shouldn't work. I suspect that's at least part of the reason they are still using drive space.

I've noticed that bad USB connections will sometimes cause file system problems. I'd run whatever drive checking utility you use to be sure there's no corruption. I can't remember what that is in Win98 but chkdsk has been available in any Windows system I've used.

I NEVER defrag a flash drive. That's what the internal memory of the Fuze is. The differences in how files are stored on a flash drive means there's no performance increase and you simply cause unneeded wear to do what can be done with a format. The Fuze firmware resides in a hidden section of memory and will survive a format or defrag.

It's probably easier to start over by using the inbuilt format utility in the System Settings menu to completely wipe the device. I'd then reload after setting the USB mode to MSC. The internal memory should appear as one drive letter and the external memory another. The external memory will be empty until you put a memory card in the player.

Once you clear the old files away and locked in MSC mode you can try loading a new set of files. The database refreshes on any and all data changes so there will be a database refresh. There's tips on how to cut down the time that takes are here.

drmark7 05-15-2012 12:34 PM

Thanx for Quick Response! Will Try...
Greetings Group, Thanx for the quick answers. You've given some good directions to work in. I will report back with my progress. My Best, Mark

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"Dr. Mark" Hill * The Doctor Of Pop Culture /*/ drmark7@juno.com

drmark7 05-19-2012 01:24 AM

Where I Am Now w. FUZE after Tips From Group
Greetings Group,

Thanx for the help and suggestions. As I've worked with these tips on my FUZE this past week, here's where I am...

I formatted my FUZE w. "Settings." Was amazed it just took SECONDS! More of a quick delete than other FORMATS which go segment by segment from beginning to end. And thanx to tips here, note- the Sansa firmware and settings remain intact! (Hidden from FORMAT.)

Then I changed the settings to MSC and NO auto-detect.

Connecting directly to the back of my Win98 pc, it is now showing the "2" drives- though I don't have a micro card yet. Now I know what the "2" drives are for. It's not flawless, I can only connect once. I have to reboot to connect again.

Only "problem" here is the limitation of having to connect to the BACK of the PC, UNDER my desk. Even though the "extension" is less than 2 feet. I've discovered the other USB product I use (my printer) also needs to be connected DIRECTLY. I used the extension for all my thumb drives and the external book. So- a lot of crawling under the desk. But I'll keep looking for ideas.

All files (all MP3s) now re-transferred under MSC. (With re-fresh taking quite a while- 5 mins.)

As for the "refresh"- what is best? To do all transfers or deletions at once, then refresh. Or... to transfer one folder at a time, then unhook the Sansa and allow to REFRESH after each? Or something in-between.

>>>Sandisk 32GB MicroSDHC Memory Card, Class 4

As for the MICRO CARDS. There is a 32 gig at Amazon for $20 that includes shipping! Same card purchased at local BEST BUY is almost 3 times(!) that much. So is this the card to get? That plus the 8 gigs in the SANSA will hold all my MP3s and MORE! I can't wait.


Questions?/Comments? * This Has Been e-mail From:
"Dr. Mark" Hill * The Doctor Of Pop Culture /*/ drmark7@juno.com

FreeZ5 05-19-2012 06:44 AM

Dr Mark...

Everytime you make an update to the player (or the player thinks you made an update), the database is refreshed. So it is best to do all your updates at once, and then allow the refresh to occur.

You can reduce the time required for the refresh by cleaning up the tags in your mp3 files.

Also, by switching to Rockbox you can have the database refresh occur while using the player.


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