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brankomaster 05-16-2012 05:57 PM

Feature Request: moving files from playlist
this will sure look like strange request but i think that would be very useful function if implemented in rockbox. I ll give my best to explain> if for example i got about 20 new music albums and transfer them to sd card. I usually listen them song by song for a first few times. Than i start to make playlist with favorite songs taken from different albums. Now if i want to get rid of the songs i dont want to listend i connect my clip to pc, open playlist in text editor and than move my favorite songs to new directory and delete all the rest to make free space for new music. So i think it would be very useful option in rockbox to move all the files from playlist to new directory (from playlist meny or something like that), i mean really to copy them and then delete all the rest. I know i can manipulate with files in rockbox already but not in this way.
Is this possible to make?

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