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Master Devwi 05-29-2012 06:30 PM

Global search coming to Windows Phone in Apollo [Rumor]

This time last year, we already knew quite a bit about the fall software update for Microsoft’s smartphone OS, known as Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango.” Windows Phone 8 “Apollo,” however, is a different beast. The Windows Phone Developer Summit is just under a month away, but the rumor mill has been relatively quiet, aside from a few discussions on whether or not existing handsets will receive the update.

Insideris claims to have the first decent Apollo rumor in months: global search. Supposedly, Windows Phone 8 will allow you to search the entire OS by tapping on the search icon directly below the app list icon on the home screen. This would allow you to find “contacts, apps, games, and more” with a single search, as you can on many other smartphones.

The strange thing about this rumor, however, is that the app list has the same search icon in the exact same location (albeit on the other side of the screen). This has the potential to cause a lot of confusion, since tapping the icon directly above it switches you between the home screen and the app list.

Windows Phone, of course, also has a dedicated hardware search button. This used to be context-sensitive, but it caused some confusion for users so Microsoft changed it in Mango to be a dedicated Bing button. Wouldn’t it be better to integrate global search into the built-in Bing app?

Hopefully we’ll learn more at the Windows Phone Developer Summit, which is scheduled to take place in San Francisco in three weeks. Do you plan on attending the two-day event? What announcements do you hope Microsoft will make?

[Insideris via Neowin]

The DarkSide 05-29-2012 07:38 PM

I just wish I could use Google as my default search engine,...Bing bites big ballz!!!

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