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ezzony 06-19-2012 04:19 PM

X5L Fell...oh hell
Yeah so I dropped my recently acquired second hand X5L and I'm just sick about it. Best player I ever had. Sounds better than my D2 to me.

Anyway the screen just flashed white when turned on. I opened her up and a red wire had become detached I noticed but soldering it back made no difference. I played with it for a while and found that if I plugged in the power charger through the sub pack AND attached the unit to my PC using the usb cable then the unit would turn on okay !

I should have left it at that but tinkered with it more. For some odd reason I decided to format the drive. Since then I haven't been able to turn the unit on even using the method as described above. I couldn't be sure that formatting the drive caused this as I did tinker around the insides of it at some point and could possibly have damaged the main board.

I really don't know what to do with it now I really wan't to repair it but I dont' know what's wrong with it. It's odd the way the screen just goes white when I turn it on and starts to flash white when I plug in the charger as if were a programmed code to tell one something. Btw the hard drive is not recognises by the PC now but I suspect it's not the HD that's at fault.

So, anyone have any suggestion what I can do. Chuck it? Sell the HD on ebay? Anyone got a faulty one to sell and and I could join the 2 together ? All suggestions welcome :D

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