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pippen 07-07-2012 06:19 PM

Another Playlist Problem
hello everyone. i would like to ask you a question. as you know there is no browse mode in xfi2. i sent an e-mail to creative support a year ago; i told please add this mode with new software and they said that "we can't do it. current system is perfect for xfi2. if you want to make a list like browse mode; you should create a playlist." but there is some problems to createing new playlist. for example; this is my folder adress which includes my mp3 files: L:\Music\Folder1\Mix .in that folder i have 103 mp3's. when i try to create a playlist with Creative Centrale or windows media player (v12), or winamp or whatever it seems ok. But when i try to listen that list with my player, xfi2 shows me there are 90 mp3's in the list. it's wrong because list has got 103 mp3's. when i try to listen same playlist with my computer there is no problem. my computer says this playlist has 103 mp3's. xfi2 has serious problem for reading playlists. but if i use Main Menu\Music\All Tracks way with my player, i can see 103 mp3's in the xfi2's memory. Playlist has a problem. How can i solve it? Have anyone gon an idea? buy the way my computers OS: win 7 ultimate x64 (i tried on win XP X86 nothings changed) xfi2 firmware: 1.23.01 (before this version i used 1.22.03 nothings changed again)

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