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Master Devwi 07-11-2012 02:01 AM

Windows Phone 8 handset rumor roundup

The last few days have been filled with Windows Phone 8 handset leaks and rumors. Actual specs are scarce, but a number of new devices appear to be in development from Nokia, Samsung, and a mysterious manufacturer named “Juggernaut.”

The list is primarily populated by devices from Nokia, such as the previously rumored Phi, as well as the Fluid, Dogphone, and P4301. “Dogphone” is a strange name for a device – even as a codename. I wouldn’t be surprised if it simply turns out to be a device for internal use, as the process of testing your own software is commonly referred to as “eating your own dog food.” The P301, on the other hand, might very well be the first Windows Phone to feature Nokia’s PureView camera technology.

Nokia’s Remote Device Access tool, meanwhile, contains references to the Nokia Lumia 910 and Lumia 1001. The Lumia 1001 could be the same device as one of the other codenames listed above, while the Lumia 910 is likely a minor update to the Lumia 900, destined for a different carrier like T-Mobile. But would Nokia actually release a device running Windows Phone 7.x this close to Windows Phone 8? That would be a strange move at this point in the game.

The two other devices on WPDang’s list are the Samsung SGH-i687 – erroneously called the SGH-1687 on many websites, breaking Samsung’s naming conventions – and the strangest device of them all: the Juggernaut Alpha. Microsoft has already revealed its launch partners for Windows Phone 8, so is “Juggernaut” simply a cover for a previously announced manufacturer?

Interestingly, all of these devices appear to be running at the old 800 x 480 resolution, rather than one of the newer high-res configurations supported by Windows Phone 8. Are they merely running at a temporary resolution?

[WPDang via Neowin | NieuweMobiel.nl and TechCrunch via LiveSide]

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