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uzi2 07-11-2012 01:52 PM

Clip Zip Rockbox USB Issues - PC related - SOLVED
I am using W7 64bit and it refuses to recognize my rockboxed Clip Zip. It is fine with the OF and fine with other rockbox devices (ClipV2 and Ipod Gen 5). The rockboxed Clip Zip works fine when plugged into the USB port of my NAS and works with my tablet (Xoom), but only the main drive shows. So it all points to being PC driver related. I have deleted the usual suspects and it reinstalls the Rockbox drivers, but still refuses to recognize it. While searching for an appropriate driver, it eventually freezes Windows Explorer and I have to disconnect the USB in order to continue. Any thoughts gratefully appreciated... Edit: It also works perfectly well in Windows Safe Mode, so looking more and more like a PC driver issue. Edit2: After disabling the internal drive in Rockbox settings, it happily reads the SD card, so it narrows it down a bit. The PC appears to be trying to load it as a WPD device and fails. Edit3: I used msconfig to boot without any additional services and it worked, so by selectively enabling half, I was able to narrow it down to Acronis Nonstop Backup Service. Now with that disabled, I can access my Clip Zip normally... :)

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