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BruceBanner 07-19-2012 02:58 AM

How do cowon playlists REALLY work
I urgently need help from any cowon owner. I say urgently as tomorrow i have a day off work and can take back my i9 player in person and swop it for another model depending upon the answers you give. Failing that I will have to ship it back and wait the WHOLE weekend for a replacement model (lol).

So my question is, does anyone have a cowon player that can build playlists/favourites by adding not just one file at a time but actually entire albums or artists (several albums). It appears to me the i9 can ONLY add 1 file at a time, which is a deal breaker for me. I can handle a 256 file limit, but i need to be able to add albums at a time in one go when im on the move, not one file at a time...

Please get back to me asap.



skip252 07-19-2012 04:27 AM

They work on my i9. It's not the most intuitive UI imo but the features work as advertised. It took me a week or so to get to the point where I could easily navigate to where I wanted and get things done.

Mine is packed for a move right now so I can't list the steps but IIRC you need to start from the now playing screen and back out to the Music Library Folders screen, go in there and add what you want. I'm not sure that's the only way but it's what worked for me. The way I could tell if I was in the right screen was if I could see Artist, Album, Genre etc. listings, I was still a level too high and needed to go into the Folders screen to add albums or songs.

BruceBanner 07-19-2012 04:43 AM

I found out the method, u can't add whole albums or artists from the library (in a sense id3tag browsing), but u can from the [Folder] section (like File browsing).


WalkGood 07-19-2012 07:10 AM


Originally Posted by BruceBanner (Post 616848)
I found out the method, u can't add whole albums or artists from the library (in a sense id3tag browsing), but u can from the [Folder] section ...

Your right IIRC, it's covered on page 16 & 21 in the manual. I tried it a few times when I first got my player but I normally listen to full albums so I didn't recall the retarded way cowon programed it. Backing to the browser screen from the currently playing screen and then having to press the >|| to then get the pop-up window for additional functions is crazy IMHO. If it's not something you do often, you can easily forget it :D

BTW this is favorites, playlists are different. I don't use WMP 10 or 11 but which ever playlists it generates will work on the i9. Also this thread should be in the i9 forum, so I'll be moving it soon.

BruceBanner 07-19-2012 08:21 AM

Yeh the only reason i placed it in general mp3 player was because i wanted the attention of all cowon owners and not just i9. I still do, i would like to know how it works on various cowon platforms. For example, when the wife got home tonight i had a go on her D2 (i haven't touched it for years), its way of handling 'favourites' or DPL (Dynamic Play List, same thing) is file by file only as well. It gets worse, not even in folder structure mode can u add whole albums or artists. In fact u can only add a file to its DPL during song playback in the Now Playing screen :|

Now i know there is a difference between favourites and playlists and 'on the fly' playlists, but essentially they are all doing the same thing. Why oh why cowon have made it this difficult is beyond me.

Does no one ever get in the mood whereby they feel as tho they just want to listen to x,y and z that day? Or more specifically a, d, s and t (ie something that they haven't though of yet and made a playlist for at the computer, that they want on the move?)

I have been building dynamic playlists on the sansa clip (both rockboxed and not) since they were available to buy, thought it pretty basic feature to be honest, and while i appreciate the VERY indepth reviews I am kinda shocked details like this are left out.
Again i must be odd asking too much from a player.

I had a good look at the menu before i bought the player and indeed studied the pages 16 and 21 hard. The only give away was the use of the word 'file' only and not 'folder' (even tho it actually IS possible to add folders), i guessed it was a language thing.

Its just strange and a little infuriating, for when i browse via folder structure i am presented with albums only and not artist. I will have to restructure my folder to be artist>album and not just album and see if its even possible to add via subfolders also (i.e. select artist within folder structure mode and see if it adds multiple albums to the favourites).

Will let u know how that goes.

Did i mention the weird i9 port not accepting my Ultimate Ears Super fi 5's? I mentioned it in thread elsewhere. It doesn't work right. Just tested it in D2 and works fine there (as well as clips and fuze). I had a spare right angle 3.5mm female to male stereo plug that solves this issue, but its made the whole thing look pretty fugly lol.

I'm toying with trying the i10 or c2 to see if a) their ports work with my heads properly like the D2 and b) if they build 'favourites' any better

Anyways I started with the i9 because it was the lightest decent cowon player, if the port worked properly and the building of favourites was possible from the id3 tags i'd be extremely chuffed because this thing sounds fantastic!

PS yes the UI is awful but I see it only as a learning curve, but once it becomes my main player im sure it will all become second nature.

Update: I can indeed add multiple albums at once to favourites as i changed tested my folder structure to not being just albums but instead Artist>Albums.

This still leaves me without the option of adding genres to the favourites, unless of course i structure the folder to being Genre>Artist>Album

I will test that also (curious to see how deep it accepts favourites now)

Update: I can confirm it can do genre>artist>album and still add to favourites. This is pretty decent at least. I will most likely leave it artist>album as i will get too lost figuring out which album belongs to which genre, but perhaps through playlist building on the pc and save to the player I can work around this.

WalkGood 07-19-2012 08:50 AM

Personally I spend more time tweaking the sound enhancements the best I can for specific phones and my individual taste http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/d...880smile-1.png ... While it's not common, if I feel the need to play around with it, I test and re-test their different BBE+ sound effects tech. Even though I don't like all of them I will occasionally test them to see if I can achieve a different result than last recalled. For example I'm not much for their 9 presets but I still give them the occasional try. Personally I like the EQ, BBE, Mach3Bass, the occasional MP Enhance and the rarely ever used 3D surround thingy.

BruceBanner 07-19-2012 09:00 AM

Now here's a curious thing.
I was playing about with the super fi's and the i9 again, when fully inserted i stated earlier the sound was muddles, like it was muffled, underwater, muted and generally sounded bad. Well if i push and hold the line in button on the super fi's down it makes the sound normal! EUREKA! so all i need is tape wrapped around the line-in button permanently pushing it down (its a spring button). Once its depressed (take finger off) the sound is bad again.
I don't suppose this has anything to do with the location (USA, Europe, Asia) etc? I recalled I just selected USA, how do i change it?

WalkGood 07-19-2012 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by BruceBanner (Post 616861)
... I don't suppose this has anything to do with the location (USA, Europe, Asia) etc? I recalled I just selected USA, how do i change it?

While I'm not familiar with your super fi's, if they're similar to the superFi 5vi then it's that they have a TRRS 3.5 plug VS what the i9 uses which is a TRS 3.5 plug and not the location. the 5vi's are designed to work with ipods and some andriod players that use a female 3.5 jack which accepts the extra tip ring.

BruceBanner 07-19-2012 09:31 AM

Ahh so yer saying the i9 is using a TRS 3.5 plug and my other players don't and this is likely what is causing the problem? Cuz I think i might have the superfi 5vi's...

WalkGood 07-19-2012 09:34 AM


Originally Posted by BruceBanner (Post 616865)
Ahh so yer saying the i9 is using a TRS 3.5 plug and my other players don't and this is likely what is causing the problem? Cuz I think i might have the superfi 5vi's...

It's the best guess I have, as I don't know for sure but it seems logical.

Edit: I'll try a TRRS on mine, give me a few minutes ...

Edit2: Ok, my TRRS plug works on my i9, but that doesn't mean that yours should. This is because they could be wired differently and I have seen short little adapters they sell that reverses the microphone/remote and ground pins for them to work on TRS jacks.

BruceBanner 07-19-2012 04:43 PM

Hmm... ok.
Well thank you so much for yer help yesterday (its Friday morning here in oz), together we managed to nut out the gripes I had with the i9 helping me decide what to do today.

I'm still a little undecided, but i'm hedging towards keeping the i9. The only other cowon players that tempt me are the c2 (8gb version) and i10, but both are double the weight and larger in physical size, and im not convinced I might not have the same issues both in headphone port and how they managed their favourites.
I wish sumone with an i10 or c2 can confirm or deny this i.e that it is the same as the i9, add multiple files only via folder structure.

But for my purposes I think the i9 is best, i need to afix a small clasp/clip on the back (spring loaded) and forget that its even there (like a clipzip). I know this is important (to me) as even when using the fuze it became noticeable and annoying to me whilst i was at work pushing me back to using the clipzip again.
with dfkt's UCI fix the i9 looks MUCH better, its all i really want on the screen of a player that size. I have a feeling the spinning c2 art display would get annoying real fast.
I'll be sure to post a review/comparison between the i9 and clip/fuze in the near future.

I really don't understand cowon, since the d2, s9 and j3 they've lost it lol

Marvin the Martian 07-19-2012 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by BruceBanner (Post 616889)
with dfkt's UCI fix the i9 looks MUCH better

Agreed....I used to use it too.


Originally Posted by BruceBanner (Post 616889)
I'll be sure to post a review/comparison between the i9 and clip/fuze in the near future.

I'll be curious to read that. :)

BruceBanner 07-19-2012 05:58 PM

Well, in my mind the i9, clip and fuze are really all DAPS, whereas the j3, s9 are more pmps. Yes the i9 can do video but really u don't buy it for video. So i'll be looking at them purely from a DAP perspective.

WalkGood 07-19-2012 06:11 PM

I recently did some video on mine (comedy clips) and it came in quite useful during a recent trip. People all around me were dieing to find out why I was laughing so hard. I ended up showing to another passenger and he'd never heard of cowon but really liked the player. You ask what about the tunes, that's why I took several DAPs on my trip but the Clip got the most use ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

BTW I'll look forward to reading your review :)

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