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Master Devwi 07-25-2012 04:07 AM

Box arrives on Windows Phone

The popular workplace cloud storage service, Box, has finally arrived on Windows Phone. Microsoft’s smartphone OS features deep integration with its own cloud storage service, SkyDrive, but Box has a few unique features that are quite interesting.

According to Simon Tan, the Product Manager of Mobile for Box, the company’s Windows Phone app has a device-specific passcode feature for added security, as well as photo slideshows and live tile notifications for files which have been updated by colleagues. The latter feature is especially interesting, and I hope it makes its way to the official SkyDrive app at some point in the future. The rest of Box’s features are pretty standard, like the ability to view, share, edit, and comment on files, as well as search. You can also delete, move, and rename files one-by-one or in bulk.

Box is currently used by more than 750 million workers, but the company plans to expand its reach through a partnership with Qualcomm. Going forward, select Windows Phone and Android handsets powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors will come pre-loaded with Box.

What’s your favorite cloud storage service? Mine is SkyDrive.

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