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Jeanc 07-30-2012 08:42 AM

Album Art howto
I am confused as to how album art works.
I have got my music simply stored in a folder per artist.
So for instance I have a folder named Bach.
In that folder can be several albums, with naming convention
<Artist> <Album> <Song>.mp3

In every folder I like to put exactly one jpg, named after the artist / folder, so in this case Bach.jpg

However, this only works sometimes for some albums and most jpg's don't show up. I have them all resized to 96x96 and they are plain jpg's, no progressive stuff and the like.

And what if I want to have a jpg for every album, can I do that too with this tree layout?

What am I doing wrong?

TackyTiger 07-30-2012 09:28 AM

Short answer is rename them all to cover.jpg.

Long answer is read section C.2 (Where to put album art) of the manual. Unfortunately I can't link directly as the HTML build isn't working at present. You can find the PDF here;


Jeanc 07-30-2012 10:47 AM

I had looked in the manual you know. :)
I didn't understand it at first, now I see.
So to have a picture for each album means I have to ID3-tag my collection, for now I'll stay with the cover.jpg option.

TackyTiger 07-30-2012 11:03 AM

You could go with;


3. ./albumtitle.{jpeg,jpg,bmp}
As long as there were no differences due to extended characters between the album tag and the filename.

Embedded album art is another solution, arguably a bit wasteful due to the duplication, but not really an issue if the image isn't ridiculously large (which would probably cause problems in itself anyway).

Edit: sorry, after re-reading I take it you currently don't have any ID3 tags. I haven't checked, but I guess this is where the album name would be drawn from.

Jeanc 07-30-2012 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by TackyTiger (Post 617842)
I take it you currently don't have any ID3 tags. I haven't checked, but I guess this is where the album name would be drawn from.

That's right.
Now I'm only considering if I want to take the trouble to put every album in a seperate map, that way I wouldn't have to mess with ID3 tages. Just not sure yet if it is worth the trouble, the thing is meant to listen to, not gaze at all the time. :)

WalkGood 07-30-2012 04:29 PM

My embedded art works fine, IIRC you just have to use under a specific size (I can't recall but it's on their site). This way you can have several pictures for one album (front & back cover or other pictures related to album).

Jeanc 07-31-2012 07:54 AM

I bet the size matters, jpg's with 2000x2000 do give an error. :)
I am making maps for each album now, as I don't like ID3 tags that much.

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