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WalkGood 08-06-2012 11:55 AM

IRC & #anythingbutipod
It’s been a while since we’ve discussed our irc channel in the forums, so I thought why not start a new thread for those that might want to visit. While there’s probably another thread somewhere on the forums, I couldn’t find it so if someone runs across it, please link it here and I’ll merge the threads.

In #anythingbutipod irc on any given day you can find rockbox developers, abi admin, some abi mods, abi & non-abi members and the occasional visit from Enzo. There we discuss a variety of topics from gear to headphones and everything in between :p I do not want this thread to be a tutorial, if you can not find your way there, you probably shouldn't be there, so this thread will not be turned into a hand holding thread. To join all you need is a client which is software, you can find a list here. Join the freenode network here and you can stop in when ever you wish ... BTW keep in mind that it is moderated to some extent :rolleyes:

Edit: BTW there's a channel for #iaudiophile.net and #rockbox as well as numerous other interesting channels

Garry9000 10-26-2012 09:33 AM

Still in the planing stage. But i wanted to get a feel for the general shirt size of everyone.

The DarkSide 10-26-2012 09:36 AM

Wrong thread for shirt size discussion my friend,...

FrododorF 07-31-2013 04:00 AM


Originally Posted by WalkGood (Post 618358)
BTW keep in mind that it is moderated to some extent :rolleyes:

....I lol'ed
but yeah join irc it will make you a better human being...or waste all your time...

skamp 07-31-2013 04:30 AM

I've been in there for a while, but they never talk about DAPs…

lebellium 07-31-2013 09:58 AM

Yes they don't. But I'm always there so if you want to talk about mp3 players (but not Fuze+ please :p ) just ping me and we can talk about mp3 players for hours :)

The DarkSide 06-12-2015 10:58 PM

The room is shiit,...

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