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Ronwell 08-20-2012 07:11 AM

X7 transfer error
I recently purchased an X7. In trying to put my music collection on it, I receive an error.
Error 0x80070052: The directory or file cannot be created.

I don't seem to be able to find any sort of documentation about it. This isn't an issue with my files because I have the entire collection on a Zune 120 and an apple device that I had to buy when I was sending back my third Zune.
~~An aside, I Love my Zune but it isn't going to last forever.~~
Perhaps someone here can help. I would be so grateful.

My music library is about 17,000 songs and that comes to 107 Gb so storage space isn't an issue. When I first unboxed the X7, I synced it by dragging and dropping and copied about 14,500 songs before receiving the error. Cleared the files, tried again and did about 15,300. Now I am frustrated. Format the X7 and try to sync using MediaMonkey and get to the approximate same point, 15,300.
That's where I am now. Again, I would be so grateful for any help. :confused:

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