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hurdygurdyguy 08-21-2012 06:27 PM

Taking apart ZVM, loose parts...
I left my beloved ZVM (of 5 years) on a plane flight overseas in July and bought another one on eBay a week ago. The description sounded okay, but when I won the auction the guy selling emailed and said, "by the way, the power switch works best when you put pressure towards the back of the ZVM when you slide it..." Wha..? Red flag!! Oh well...

When I got it, the power switch issue indeed was an issue... the incorrect amount of pressure while turning it off would switch the player function to "Record" or random menu screen. Correct pressure would shut it off.

And...there are sounds of loose parts inside when I shake the player a little. I'm pretty sure there should be no sound of loose parts...

So, I checked out the ABI Disassembly page and decided I'd better see what's going on inside .... So far I've got as far as removing the top to expose the switch and screws. The one thing I noticed right off was a molded rubber part that was not sitting on or connected to anything and fell out when I tipped the player. It doesn't seem to fit in any way to the switch so it must protect or cushion some other part (when I put the ZVM back together I want to make sure all the parts are in their proper position!) ...

Now I have the ZVM taken apart, disconnected the battery and have the two halves laying side by side... the rattley sounds came from the two metal clips that hold the halves together. the screws were loose. Easy fix. The harddrive doesn't seem to be fastened down, does it just float there above the circuit board?

I would appreciate any help from those who have taken their Zens apart and know their way around it!!



HG Guy

hurdygurdyguy 08-22-2012 04:16 PM

Fixed it! Thanks to a little 3 second "Oh yeah, almost forgot this.." snippet from a Youtube ZVM Assembly video and looking closely at the frame I found the little piece of molded rubber fits over the microphone! Apparently whoever took the ZVM apart (battery replacement?) didn't do a very good job putting it back together, all the screws were loose and the rubber microphone cover had wedged itself up by the slider switch causing the problems described above.

So, it's all back together and works great! Nice having a Zen again!!

HG Guy

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