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danx55 08-27-2012 12:08 PM

nwz a845 battery aint all that :/
hi all,

does anyone else with this or similar sony player find that the battery doesnt seem to last very long - by this i mean when it is supposedly turned off / not in use?

often i go to use mine after say not touching it for a week and there is very little charge left :( my ipod nano (square onr with color screen - 3rd gen i think) does much better

poor battery? or hungry screen


skip252 08-27-2012 02:58 PM

I don't have that model but I had that problem with my Sonys. I'd turn one off, come back to it and the battery would either very low or flat. The solution for me is to be sure to pause playback and set the hold switch whenever I turn them off.

As you know they don't really turn off for several hours when you turn off the screen. That gives them a really fast boot time but if they boot and you don't notice they resume playback if they aren't paused. If you have repeat turned on it can play with the screen off until the battery is dead if you don't notice the few seconds the screen is on when they first boot.

Mine are also more than a little sensitive to vibration. I've had one boot that was turned off when I just pulled out the drawer it was in. It was completely off but being disturbed caused it to boot. Since playback wasn't paused it came on and continued playing where it left off. If I hadn't noticed it would have played until it drained the battery.

Pausing playback and setting the hold switch lets me store mine for weeks without coming back to a dead battery. If you haven't tried that yet I think it's worth a shot.

danx55 08-28-2012 02:01 AM

hi skip
many thanks for the advice. I hadn't thought of making sure it was
paused. good point. will double check that thanks.
I'm pretty sure I always have hold on.


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