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mamamia88 08-30-2012 09:47 PM

Sansa Fuze Sound Hiccups?
I was listening to a podcast today and it just started "hicupping" and was unlistenable. Had the same problem upon booting into the original firmware. Then I rebooted and it worked fine until the next reboot. I then powered it off and swapped out the sd card that was in there with the sd card in my phone and it was fine for the 20 minute ride home but that isn't a very big sample time. I just upgraded to the rc of rockbox just now and it's fine for now but i'm hoping it doesn't come back. i'm curioius if anybody ever had an issue like this before and what they did to solve it? oh and it isn't a headphone problem or corrupt audio file problem since it happened on different files.

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