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jaya_the_matt 09-15-2012 08:52 AM

Can no longer access playlists!
Hi all, I'm new here, mainly because i've never had any problems with my yp-p3, it's a great mp3 player.

However i've only recently upgraded the firmware to 2.22. Since doing this apart from noticing nothing different I can no longer tap/click on the playlist button in the music section. It's as if it wasn't there anymore, the button above and below work as does everything else. Also i can still push buttons that are at the same height on the screen so i know it isn't a problem with the screen.

I have now downgraded the firmware to 2.07 and it is exactly the same. I'm completely out of ideas now, has anyone else had this problem or has anyone got a fix for this? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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