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GeorgeP1111 10-07-2012 12:54 PM

Bluetooth Functions
I had asked in a previous thread about sources for the A2DP BT headsets required by our SGP5's and thanks to those that replied. Now I have a few questions.

I want to configure my SGP5 as a "Wireless Remote" for a Amateur Radio project I have.

So in regards to audio, I want to disassemble a BT A2DP ear/mic headset (small behind the ear type) and connect the Audio Out from my radio to the Mic input of the BT, transmit it to the SGP5, and have it played out on the speaker basically turning the SGP5 into a remote speaker. I don't know anything about the operation of Bluetooth devices, so are there apps available that will take a input coming into the SGP5 BT and send it out to the speaker? Another way to explain it is I also have a DSP Audio Filter app that will take a wired mic input, filter it, and send it out the wired headphones. I would like to take the audio from a BT, filter it and route it to the SGP5 speaker. In this case I assume this would have to be a function of the app (which it currently is not).

Second, for audio the SGP5 will not pair a BT device unless it is A2DP, but what about a Serial Port Bluetooth Module? Part-B of my project is radio control. There is a app that uses one of the HC-06 serial port modules to control the radio functions via BT. The author has tried it on a variety of android phones but not one of our SGP's so before I gather all the parts and build the interface I'd like to find out if I the SGP5 would even pair to one of the modules.

And finally, -IF- it does pair and I have both Audio and Control functions via BT, can the SGP5 run two BT devices at the same time? Have the Control app running in the foreground and the Audio app in the background or again is this something that has to be done directly from the Control app (which I think the author has on his To-Do list).

I hope I can run these apps on my SGP5 because I really do like the size, but if I can't then I'll probably watch out for some other android device that they will work on.

Thanks for any input.


GeorgeP1111 10-08-2012 08:07 PM

I can now answer my second question above about the Serial Port BT Module. I installed a app called BlueTerm that is a VT100 Terminal emulator on the SGP5 and fired up Hyper Terminal on my Sony notebook. I assigned the SGP5 as Bluetooth serial port #7 on the Sony and was able to type text both directions between the two over the BT link. This should show that using a BT Serial port module in place of my Sony will allow me to pass data from the SGP5 thru it's BT to the Module as if it was a wired RS232 link.

Also, I found that you can simply select any files from the computer, Send To Bluetooth, and they will be received by the SGP5 and stored in the Bluetooth folder.

Having Fun Now !!


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