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suffer1989 10-08-2012 06:59 AM

Transfer Playlists onto Rockbox ?
Ive tried looking this up but nobody has really posted a conclusive answer to my scenario. I have rockbox on my YP-R0 and I have all the music on a microSD card. I remove that card from the MP3 player and plug it into a card reader (faster read/write speeds).

However, whenever I try to make playlists using the music on the microSD card, the resulting Playlists dont load on rockbox.

The obvious reason is due to the difference in OSs and file directories, the playlists created using a playlist creator or foobar2000 point to

while the ones created by rockbox (which works) point to

Ive been told that apparently rockbox automatically adjusts these things so it can still figure out what to play, but clearly this doesnt work in my case. Does anybody have any ideas or tips ? Am I missing something out ?

TL;DR : Playlists made on computer dont play in rockbox due to different directory structure listings.

EDIT : Its actually not too difficult despite looking daunting. Simply use find and replace to change the directory structure, and also to change the backslashes to forward slashes (in seperate steps)

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