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CrowDriver 11-08-2012 08:09 PM

Album art on H320 or H340
Hi, long time user of H320, never used any album art, never used any tagging of music files either (Because it is mainly classical music which have no standard format for tagging). **If you don't know why this is, see below.

So I have 60 GB of music on my two H320/H340 players, no tags, no art. Everything is divided into folders and subfolders. Each album in a different subfolder. Obviously each track has a filename, but the filename is not divided by commas into tags.

So do I ...
1) put an each album's art file into each albums subfolder?
2) What size should I make the album art file for H320/H340 in pixels?
3) What type of file, .jpg I would guess?
4) If each album subfolder contains an artwork file, then will the H320/H340 display the artwork image while all the song files in that subfolder plays?

Thanks for any help.

** For a classical album it is almost meaningless to speak of an 'artist'. It is almost true that every single person who has uploaded CD info for the same exact classical album to an external database had a different idea of who that album's 'artist' is. Some database files might list Beethoven for artist. Others might say Rattle (the conductor) is the artist, another might say Schwarzkopf is the artist (the soprano soloist on Beethoven's ninth symphony).

Many of the the other tags (not just 'artist') are also not to any standard on classical music database, for instance 'title'. What in heavens name is the title of a track on an opera disc? One version of the opera might have 142 tracks, another version of the exact same performance of that opera might have 91. And the same commercial CD disk might have 10 different database versions of what the titles to the exact same tracks are.

Mo. FryDaddy 11-09-2012 10:08 AM

I have no experience with that particular mp3 player, but if you put the picture in the same folder as them music naming it either folder.jpg or albumart.jpg and have the pictures sized to about 300x300px it might work. As for the question of if it will display it for all the songs in that album, I don't know. But what I listed above is kind of like a standard for non tag embedded pictures. That being said your mileage may vary.

CrowDriver 11-09-2012 10:15 AM

Thanks, I'll give it shot tomorrow, much obliged.

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