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Dave.ski 11-11-2012 10:15 AM

Anyone upgraded to an SDD drive?
Hi Guys
My HD drive died on my X7 and I thought I would try a little reverse engineering with an SDD card rather than another HD drive.
I have purchased a ZIF 64GB drive, formatted to Fat32 and successfully place it in the X7 but the X7 does not see it. If I connect it (just the SDD) straight to my Laptop it see the drive, once installed into the X7 and connected to my laptop if nearly see's it and states it needs to reformat the E drive but then can not find when you press ok?
I have forced the X7 to reload the last firmware but this does not solve the problem.

Has anyone attempted this upgrade and can give me some advice?
For those of you that have replaced the HD did you need to put any files on the drive for the X7 to see the drive?

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