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Master Devwi 11-20-2012 04:31 AM

Windows Phone 7.x to exist alongside Windows Phone 8 for ‘quite some time’

When Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 8 would not be compatible with Windows Phone 7.x devices, some people – particularly those who had recently purchased a smartphone – were understandably frustrated. This frustration increased when Windows Phone 8 launched without a single word regarding the Windows Phone 7.8 update, which will be bringing the new Start screen to older devices. Thankfully, Microsoft plans to keep supporting the older OS for some time to come.

Speaking to TechRadar, Windows Phone Corporate Vice President Terry Myerson had this to say: “I would expect both platforms to exist for quite some time, from a global point of view. Windows Phone 7.8 devices will span much lower price points than windows phone 8 devices, initially, and given the application compatibility across the platforms, it makes the ecosystem stronger to have more device and more price points. We value every 7 and 7.8 customer we have; we'll continue to work for them as well but it is true that Windows Phone 8 is our future platform.”

This comment lines up with previous reports of hardware manufacturers readying new Windows Phone 7.x devices for release in various parts of the world. While 7.x doesn’t support the new-and-improved features and apps, it is still compatible with the vast majority of apps on the Windows Phone Store and all of the existing features will continue to work. And for those looking forward to the new Start screen, “[Microsoft is] going to have more to say about 7.8 in the coming weeks.”

Will Windows Phone 7.8 be enough to tide you over until you can get your hands on a Windows Phone 8 device?


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