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chotto 12-04-2012 06:10 PM

SGP 4.0 - Volume up button stopped working
The 'volume up' end of the volume button suddenly stopped working today. I cannot tell whether it is hardware or sofwatre, but turning the device off and on again didn't solve anythinng.

The only way I can turn the volume up is to press 'volume down' then use the touch screen to drag it up.

Anyone else had anything like this before?

brosko 12-04-2012 09:14 PM

Have you installed any new apps recently? Sometimes an app can cause stuff like this

chotto 12-05-2012 03:58 PM

Tried uninstalling a few recently installed apps but nothing seems to work. Tempted to try a factory reset, but don't want to do it in case that doesn't work, either.:confused:

chotto 12-14-2012 02:49 AM

Seems to have fixed itself. I used Skype one evening, and then it seemed to eventually splutter back into life.

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