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philapton 01-05-2013 12:42 PM

trouble syncing music to sgp 4.2
Hey, this is my first time posting as you can see and I need help.

So I have never been a fan of apple, mostly because of the cultish folk that sling the catch phrases at me all the time. But I have always had an ipod, touch or other, but after buying my galaxy s3 I found the need to free myself from all apple products.

I bought myself the galaxy player 4.2 but it just hasnt lived up to expectations. First I tried dragging my music library to a folder and then into the player, after that it wouldn't play over half of the library. I figured it was because of the file type, so I downloaded mediamonkey and converted everything to mp3. Then I synced the player to media monkey in hopes that it would show up in the same order an categorized as on the media player. It doesnt and some of the songs displayed are not the songs that play.
Am I doing something wrong or don't have the right media player? I hope I don't have to go back to an Ipod.
Hope someone can help


Daniel644 01-05-2013 04:44 PM

start over, copy all your music to the device by dragging and dropping into the MUSIC folder on the player, then get the Poweramp 2 week trial from the market and see if it sees all the music (after giving it time to scan everything). I say this because out of my like 4k files I had 30 or so the stock music app and "media scanner" would not show, and from what I've read up on it, the problem is the stock scanner won't "see" music with "damaged" ID3 tags and MOST of the aftermarket music players get there list from the stock media scanner but Poweramp has its own scanner so try that first to see if that is the issue.

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