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ed612313 02-04-2013 06:01 PM

X7 keeps freezing/clicking when connected to comp
Iíve had an X7 from the day it was released (literally) and have had to return it twice due to bricking.
All in all Iím happy with it though but recently whenever I try to hook it up to my comp this is what happens

1) Macbook Pro Ė Its only reads the flash drive as being connected. The HDD drive shows for a few seconds but then disconnects
2) Windows PC Ė It reads the HDD and lets me access the folder. Usually can transfer a few files but then it freezes/crashes and the X7 clicks repeatedly until I have to pull it out.

Now Iím music obsessed and will be on holidays soon (Tonga) where music is crucial. I donít want this thing bricking on me while away.

Has anyone encountered the problems above?

Any ways to fix?

Iíve already wiped the unit once and reinstalled firmware and all music again and itís doing the same thing again!!


mdk1970 02-07-2013 10:57 AM

- I would avoid Mac, I've heard that Cowon and Mac don't work together very well.

- How do you transfer files? The best way is to just copy the files from your computer to the HDD (so don't use any synchronizing software).

- Have you tried checking the HDD for errors? Windows 7 should automatically ask for this if any errors are detected after plugging in the device, but still it's worth a try.

mdk1970 02-07-2013 11:02 AM

Oh, and here's another piece of advice I just borrowed from another member:

PC's have stronger power to rear USB ports, plug it in there rather than hubs or front ports for a more stable connection.

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