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northcountrygirl 02-27-2013 03:13 PM

Sony NWZ S639 Replacement battery

Longtime reader but first time poster.

My battery for my trusty Sony NWZ S639 16GB has died. I've managed to removed it from the player but can't find a matching battery anywhere online

The numbers on my battery are: 1-756-702-12 LIS1374HNPA 8X07A50672

There are batteries listed as suitable for the NWZ S638 but the number for that is 1-756-702-11 and the plastic connector looks a slightly different shape.

Has anybody managed to replace the battery of the player and can point me to the direction of a replacement one. It's not a particularly rare player so I'm surprised my search is drawing a blank

skip252 03-01-2013 09:36 AM

Welcome to ABi:)

I'd contact the vendor of the battery that has a model number that is one off from the one you want. They usually have dealt with similar compatibility questions and should be able to tell you if the one they have will work for you.

Battery replacement in DAPs that aren't considered user replaceable frequently turns into something that requires determination and creativity. You may need to remove the connector from the one you have and attach it to one that has the right electrical characteristics and size. Just getting one open without destroying it can be a challenge.

Good luck with your project and let us know how things work out. My S639 is among my favorites. I'm still getting good battery life but when it starts to die it would be nice to have a source for a new battery as I decide whether or not it's worth replacing it.

northcountrygirl 03-02-2013 06:19 AM

Thanks for your reply. I've opened up the player and removed the battery and connector easily. I've contacted a couple of sites already asking if the battery is suitable for my player, but they have responded that they don't have suitable batteries for my player.

Several batteries state they are suitable for the S638red which is the 8gb version. I assume it would would use the same battery, but the numbers are different. I will contact a few more companies and possibly take a punt on one.

I'll post some photos and info if I do manage to get a battery to work.

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