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alljokingaside 04-06-2013 11:47 PM

ViPER4Android (V4A) Audio Effects Audio Mod
This isn't my work; I'm just riding on the coattails of devs, so....

So I've recently tried this audiomod that totally brings the sound alive on our device. You download the correct file for whichever Android version that you have, place a file in root, install 2 apps, and tweek the settings to your heart's desire. If your heart's confused, there's even a guide to help you along!

It works with any music player (I use it in conjunction with Poweramp), enhancing the sound without the strict need to buy expensive, bulky headphones or much busy work. There's even no need for animal sacrifices!

All joking aside, it's really does help with the sound and you should try it out.


Note: Root/Busybox required.

skip252 04-07-2013 10:14 AM

I'm not spreading the word as I have no idea what this mod brings to the table. I changed the title from "audio mod" as that' wasn't searchable and wouldn't help anyone that might be looking for info on this in the future.. Adding this name seemed to make the most sense.

I noticed that this mod uses a form of convolution. I know on a PC that can be very processor/memory intensive. Is it the same on the Android devices this works with? If it is, does it impact battery life much?

skip252 04-07-2013 12:13 PM

Thanks for the additional info. I haven't had a chance since this was first posted to fully read up on this but the dev does provide a ton of documentation. That should give me what I need to decide if this is something I want to do.

I'd be interested in your feedback once you get it up and running. I'm not really looking to try to squeeze the last few percent of audio goodness out my Galaxy 4.0 but if this works well other people might want to give it a shot.

Marvin the Martian 04-07-2013 12:31 PM

If it uses significantly more CPU and memory power, then it might be too much for the SGPs to handle, with their single-core CPU and limited RAM. The dual-core tablets with 1GB of RAM would most likely make better use of it.

skip252 04-07-2013 02:09 PM

You probably right, Marv. The dev's listed minimum and recommended requirements are here http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2191223. If memory serves the 4.0 would meet the minimum. No telling how it would perform but it should at least install and load.

alljokingaside 04-12-2013 01:03 PM

No prob.

It does use more- it'd have to- but i haven't noticed a significant drain when it's in use. The payback in terms of audio is amazing. Not only in terms of volume (I was using Poweramp 2.4, the version before they fixed the volume bug, because it was LOUDER; I've recently updated) but in terms of quality. The music sounds alive. I use the stock earbuds (they're good enough for me) so I imagine that on an actual set of headphones, it's be amazing.

They have versions for GB, ICS, and JB.

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