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Shorty15c4 04-14-2013 08:41 PM

Upgrading my Galaxy Player 4.0 to S3 mini?
Im thinking about giving my Galaxy Player 4.0 to my little sister for her birthday but only because the S3 mini has dropped to a good price on Amazon.

After reading some reviews, here are some concerns
-Cannot store apps to SD card
-1 external speaker will mean that 5.1 surround sound wont be an option on the S3mini

I plan to use the S3 mini as a wifi player. I hear that I can restore the ability to store the apps to the SD card if I root it but the 5.1 feature may be a deal breaker. Also, idk if the S3 mini's speaker is equally as loud as the 4.0.

I have never rooted a player before and Im afraid that will either mess it up, or make the OS glitchy in the long run. How easy is it?

What do you guys think? Should I stay with my Galaxy player 4.0 and just buy my sister another galaxy player, or should I upgrade and root the S3 mini?


Daniel644 04-15-2013 03:24 AM

ROOTING WILL NOT MAKE AN OS "GLITCHY" what you do to it once your rooted may but the process of rooting only gives you access to things you couldn't before. the exact process of rooting depends on the device, with my 4.0 it was simply a matter of installing drivers on my computer and using SuperOneClick to root, but on my Tab 2 7" I had to Odin flash CWM recovery then boot into it and flash 2 zips to get root and keep CWM recovery, rooting is generally easy to do just FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER.

I never had an android device before my SGP 4.0 (so I was completely new to all of this) and within 6 hours of unboxing it I had it rooted.

Tabatha 04-16-2013 10:54 AM

If your happy with your 4.0, there is always the option of the 4.2, ot the 5.0 (my favorite). They are all down to $129-$149 for factory refurbs with 90 day warranties on ebay, newegg, and Amazon. I have 2- 4.2, because of the changable batteries, one is for a backup as they have all been discontinued. Purchased from BigOutlet on Amazon, and they have appeared to be brand new on receipt. Have never had a problem with refurbs in the past, and have never pruchased warranty insurance as the prices are too low and not worth the added expense.

Just my thoughts as you are looking to use as a player only.

Shorty15c4 04-16-2013 12:45 PM

Just to update, I ended up with the S3 Mini. To tell you the truth, having the extra power is amazing. The 4.0 Player is still smooth and I love it. But you cant beat the smoothness that comes with the dual core processor and the updated OS. Im sure my sister will love her 4.0 just as much as I did and I will probably end up rooting my S3 mini.

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