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ady 05-09-2013 01:31 PM

Audio Playback problem after SSD Upgrade??!
Hi all,

I've dug out my old Zen players with broken HD's and following advice on here I have installed a Topram 32GB CF x133 card (with adaptor). All installed no worries, firmware fine, correct capacity showing, everything working perfectly, except...

Audio playback has issues. .mp3 files play fine but there is lots of digital chirping/garbled noises. .WMA files skip about all over the place but don't have the chirping noises.

Any ideas? Don't think it's a hardware issue (headphone jack) as you get different audio effects depending on the file type.

Would like to figure it out as I also have a Zen Vision with a broken hard drive and don't want to waste money if the CF cards won't work for me...

Any suggestions gratefully received?!!


ryks 06-24-2014 01:13 PM

change the adaptor and put a sd card or a ssd (not cf)
i did -see my videos on the main

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