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warbossd 07-24-2013 04:37 PM

Shuffle - MY ASS!
Hi all
I have an 8GB YP-S3 that I use a lot but I have one gripe which I'm looking for help with.
Shuffle mode.
If I power down the player at some point with a track playing, when power is restored play resumes from the current track but then it seems to play the same 'random' set of tracks in the same order over again.
Is the shuffle algorithm totally botched on this thing or am I doing something obviously crass.
Note: after a huge amount of faffing about I have noted a couple of things:
1. If you change the play source i.e. select music by artist instead of track name the 'shuffle' list seems to reset to a new set of tracks.
2. If I plug it into my PC and let the sync change the tracks on the player the shuffle mode lists seem to reset.
The appearance this gives is that the shuffle mode is actually a fixed 'random' order list that is created once under certain specific circumstances and then replayed from the beginning after every power down.
Surely this is not right.
In hopeful inticipation...:confused:

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