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Default Blue Ring/Recovery mode O.K /Version Question/Help - Please...

Hello All,

I have just purchesed two, what I believe are Sansa e250 2.0 Gig, that have identical issues. These are for my kids. I know if I can get one up, the other will be a similar fix, because they are acting the same.

They were advertised as is "Weak Battery" but that is not what is wrong with them. They both have the blue ring of death, with no monitor.

Using Ubuntu 7.10 and e200tool, I am able to go into recovery mode and see that both of the monitors do work. I believe my problem is with the files I am trying to load on to the Sansa, after the e200tool runs its course. I get the Ubuntu window pop up showing the sansa drive to deposit the files PP5022.mi4 and BL_SD_BOARDSUPPORTSD.rom, and once I cut/paste they show that they are on the Sansa.

I see that at the correct time, I go into Recovery Mode on the Sansa display, and I get the LUN0 Locked/LUN0 Unlocked string on the Sansa display(s), but every time I unplug either Sansa, after the files are loaded, it goes right back to the death ring, with no video.

This is my guess as to what is wrong???
Both of these units have Referb backs on them, I think maybe I have a different version other than what is labeled on the reverse. Since I have never had these units operational, I have no idea what version they truely are.

Does anyone know of a way to verify version by disecting and berhaps identifying a unique chip or other internal charateristic of the hardware, so that I can be sure I am using the correct files when I try to upload them to disk?

Also, when Ubuntu initially shows the Sansa drive window, just after loading the e200tool, there are NO files in the Sansa drive. Is this normal? Could I be missing another file?

I lock the hold button and press select when connecting, and press the rec button during the correct time.

Thanks a lot for the help. I have read all I could before posting this. Sorry if it has been adressed already


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Default Fixed - Thanks for the help

O.K., I fixed them. I must have tried the e200tool 20 times each with no joy. I finally got bored and opened one up. I removed the daughter board, and after reassembly, that one worked!!! Tried the same thing on the second one, and that worked also. Just started right up after reassembly.

Moral of the story - if you follow all the directions, and still can't get them to work, try removing the small board on the rear of your main board ( V1 e250's) and wait a couple of seconds, and reinstall/reassemble. Worked for me!
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My wifes 250 had the blue ring of death twice. Both times I took the sansa apart and removed the memory and reset it and everything was back up and running. I did it a third time with a friends 270 after he had the blue ring of death and it also worked.
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After reading this, I tried it, and guess what? It worked, THANK YOU!

I tried reinstalling the bootloader/firmware using e200tools under linux by copying the needed files to the drive after manufacturer mode sequece and then unplugged the player, it said:

format finished
reading bootloader failed

writing bootloader failed


I would suggest that if people are having the same issue to take the player apart. If I remember correctly, I dropped the player on the ground the day before, which probably caused this problem (i.e. knocking the flash module out of the connector slightly, thus breaking the connection) I'm just glad that the think is working again.

This might be something worth noting in the how-to-unbrick FAQs.
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