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Default Loose Input Jack

I got my wife an X5L that she has loved for a long time. Recently a few kid assisted drops have resulted in a loose input jack. The connection to headphones or speakers is now easily disturbed resulting in alternating speaker audio and a host of other nasty sound output issues.

I saw recently that Cowon has discontinued support for the X5 line. Does that mean that they've stopped developing firmare, stopped selling, stopped repairing? If repairs are still an option, does anyone have any information about how to find a US repair center?

I appreciate any advice I can get.
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AFAIK, yes they will repair it. Look on their site, as you'll have to ship it to them, but it's definately worth getting fixed

Yes, it's discontinued and no more fw updates, but you could always run rockbox on it. But you would lose jeteffects, bbe, ect and only gain gapless playback.

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