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Default Need help reformatting H10 20GB

I have a H10 20GB I need reformatted. When I first got my mp3 player my computer was reading it as a video device so I was told to reformat my h10. I found a site where a guy had a walk through as to how to do it. I successfully reformatted it by right clicking on on the device and clicking on properties. After that he had links to sites where I could download the right Firmware for my mp3 player. All of his sites were shut down! I really need help with this. Every time I turn my mp3 player on it says "Systems Files Missing To restore the system files connect H10 to recovery tool". I need to know what site I can get the proper files to fix my mp3 player. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Default iRiver's page for H10 firmware, v. 2.51

This is only for the MTP versions of the H10, but I've had at least 6 H10's and have never seen an MSC version. They must be pretty rare, at least in the U.S..

You should also check out the Rockbox firmware for the H10. It's usual to install it along with the original iRiver firmware (OF), but it may not be necessary to do so. In any case, it can't hurt to download and look at the rockbox manual for your h10 20GB model:
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