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Default buy x-fi or not


i have a couple of questions before buying a new (creative) mp3 player.


-decend speaker (like the zen mozaik speaker)
-fm radio
-decend screen, 2.5 inch i fine.
-good music quality
-need verry good battery life
-16bg storage is fine
-like creative
-around 120

1. i tough on buyin a zen x-fi but have a question about the battery life.
is it realy 36u of music?

2. i dont realy need the wifi so what woold i buy best:
zen x-fi
zen x-fi style
and what hase the zen x-fi style more than the zen x-fi?
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bikertrash bikertrash is offline
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the Style doesn't really have anything over the Xfi, no wifi, no tv out and tactile instead of touch. It's more of a stripped down Xfi2, and I understand the Xfi2 has great sound so I think the style is probably a great value and worth the wait.
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Not seen a x-fi style yet.
But the x-fi2 definitly sounds much better the x-fi, though the speaker of x-fi2 is not as good as x-fi's.
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