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Default Media Problem?

So, just two days ago, my Zen XFi started freezing up constantly. And I had the same problem many had, that the XFi would then refuse to turn on. It would turn on after a few hours of just sitting.
Just yesterday, I was trying to listen to it when all of a sudden it started to lag. I got 5 seconds in to the song, after 15 seconds of listening to it. It kept juttering. And after that the XFi hasn't turned on.
I have gotten into the recovery mode, and tried formatting and reloading the firmware, start from scratch, but part way into formatting a screen pops up saying "MEDIA PROBLEM", and same with reloading the firmware.
So I just tried "upgrading" the firmware without reloading. Upgrade failed, and now my XFi will only turn on when going into recovery mode, and apparently has 60 megs** of free space and I bought the 32 gig version.
So, anyone have any suggestions at all?

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Oh yeah, one more thing...I also tried reformatting the player via Windows Formatting tool after all of this, and that failed, too.
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Sounds like the memory chip in your X-fi is broken. Hence the "MEDIA PROBLEM" message.
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