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Default No Zune Pass for Canada with WP7...

Wow...speechless...once again Canada gets the shaft...MS has continued to completely screw this up in Canada...straight when the Zune was released in Canada(older gens), they said the pass was coming in a few months which they repeated when that time came and then silence...
The latest is that they are "working on" getting zune pass for Canada next year with wp7.

I've got it working by having an account linked to the US but if I can't do it more legitimately I'll probably end up passing on the zune pass in the also takes away the main reason for me to get a wp7....might have to look more at the nice crop of android phones that are around (so far with the exception of the Dell wp7 phone, the wp7 hardware I have seen has been a disappointment)...

Sad lip...

Here is the link :
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It's official...MS continues to blow...
F'em...we are right up north and they have had years to get this thing sorted but they still cannot...

The Zune Pass is the main reason why I would get a WP7 so if they cannot pull this off and if I cannot bypass the system like I do now with American Bestbuy zune pass cards, I will be going to Android...

MS you really suck at times...(Dave you are pretty awesome though)...

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Buy your music so you actually own it.
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Originally Posted by Satellite_6 View Post
Buy your music so you actually own it.
I'd be shelling out literally tens of thousands of dollars in music I have listened to with zune pass in the last 8 months or thanks...
I'll buy some but torrent a lot to...sorry but I'm willing to pay for music but not pay for a song I will listen to a few times and decide I don't like it...I'll buy it if I like it...the zune pass kind of solved this for me and it was much more convenient than ripping cd's or torrenting...
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well, we always going to get screwed over.. Of course why use ZUNE pass.. when you can use nexflix which is cheaper than Zune pass and available in canada.
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