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Talking Zune Streaming up on Xbox Live.

With the new update launched (launching) today, we can now stream music zia zune pass on the xbox. I'm yet to try this because i have to go to school and all... nice to see some integration though. I can't wait to try it when i get home.
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Also works, surprisingly, for international users who managed to get a zune pass working with a us live account....
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yup just tried it out. works pretty well. has the same images as the zune software when playing. however, you can not stream the zune pass music while playing games like you can with your own music collection on your local network.
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Well it would be nice if the thing actually updated and worked .. Apparently after selecting the zune music area its telling me it needs to update.. Unfortunately it does nothing after the notification..

After reading all the crap that people are having to deal with over at the xbox official forums today i shouldn't be surprised Microsoft have managed to facepalm the xbox update

Its getting to the point where it is a surprise when they actually get something right. Something stinks over there in terms of direction and development.

Who in there right mind would approve the brightest white possible as the background for a dialog screen when the MAJORITY of playtime is during the evening and nightime hours on a weekday when people come home from work or the kids have done their homework.. We already have lamps we dont need the extra brightness coming from the tv. We know MS was trying to go minimalist with the redesign of the dashboard .. but the final result is dismal and amateurish at best.

Ill keep trying to see if i can get the stupid zune software to run though .. hopefully its just the server being slammed but color me (anything but white) seriously unimpressed.
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Update went smoothly for me...doesn't do much for you if you are having problems(perhaps call MS?) but the update worked for me and it's pretty cool
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Yeah, I'm in Canada and don't even get an icon for Zune, or Music marketplace or anything..... just the video one.

Lip, is your Xbox Live ID American or Canadian?
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