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Help Guitar Tuner App

I want to improve my guitar tuner app and I think a volume control would be useful. Can anyone help with the code/images needed for this. Thank You.

PS.I don't mind what kind of volume control it is.
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I don't know about the coding, but to make some images for your app should be no problem for me. So, just send me a pm what for graphics you need : )
Tell me if you need an unique design for your app ; )
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Increase/lower volume functions:
--Increases volume
function volPlus()
	volOld = audio.volume()
	if(volOld < 25) then
		audio.volume(volOld + 1)

--Decreases volume
function volMinus()
	volOld = audio.volume()
	if(volOld > 0) then
		audio.volume(volOld - 1)
Called like:

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